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Библиотеки и демоверсии для Android — Бесплатные приложения для загрузки

Many smartphone applications are difficult to categorize as they are multifunctional and versatile. Open the «Miscellaneous» section and explore the various offerings for download. Here you will find a collection of useful programs and products that simplify life and help you solve non-standard tasks.

Most of us are used to using standard app stores such as the App Store and Google Play. However, by downloading a special application, you will gain access to alternative stores with programs and gaming applications. You can also find applications that allow you to run games from game consoles on your mobile device. Install the «Smart Home» application and control all the technology and devices in your home using your smartphone, if they support Bluetooth connection. Manage different programs and easily switch between them with convenient gestures on the phone screen.

Many applications in the «Miscellaneous» section provide diverse and unique information about less popular movies, allow you to identify the cast, learn interesting and little-known historical events or religious facts. The catalog of applications is constantly updated, and you will always find something useful for yourself.