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A small article to help with your Android devices.

Android: What is file., obb?

What is file., obb?

In the case of Android, obb files act as a receptacle of the resources needed to run and work properly for some
Android: What is cash games

What is cash games

By installing Android games with third-party resources, many users have noticed that in addition to the installation file format APK goes so-called
Android: How do I install the game cache

How do I install the game cache

With the increasing number of Android device users, many developers are concerned about creating content for this platform, and to attract the ultimate
Android: What is the APK file

What is the APK file

Each holder of a Mobile Android gadget, for sure, met with the acronym APK (Android Package), You literally can be translated, like Android
Android: Resolution: The list of codes

Resolution: The list of codes

Below is a re-entry list of unique resolution code tags, as may be required for certain applications. ACCESS_CHECKIN_PROPERTIES
Android: Application permissions

Application permissions

Resolution (permission) the restrictions on access to certain functions or data on ustroistve. They are imposed to protect critical data,
Android: How to download from the website

How to download from the website

The interface of our resource is designed so that the user can quickly find and download the files of their chosen content. Below is a graphic
Android: How to install apk

How to install apk

Many Android users are looking for the ability to install any content on their mobile device bypassing the popular Google Play service, and the reasons