Operation System "Android"

Android operating system is an undisputed favorite among all modern mobile platforms. It enables users to implement fine-tuning of the gadget and opens the door to a world of mobile entertainment and programs, useful in different spheres of life. The "green robot" had a long and thorny path to Olympus, and each new version has become friendlier to users and easier to work.

Versions Android

Operation System «Android» — Evolution

Operating system Android — Thanks to the Android OS was the massive penetration of digital technology in all vertical and horizontal social, cultural and professional structure of society, thus forming a global network not only from holders of expensive and PCs, but from the holders, inexpensive mobile devices.


The two main virtues of Android OS:

  1. Ease of use — object-oriented governance — that is,, What I see, then do, use tips;
  2. For Android OS available all kinds of software-entertainment, Professional, utilities, service, etc., the list of which is expanding every day.

Android is open operating system, used in a variety of smart devices — phones, Smartphones, fabletov, computers and hours, electronic books, TVs, bracelets, etc.

The main architectural element, running Android OS, the Linux kernel is the link between software and basic device applications. The company is the developer of Linux is the Open Handset Alliance — belongs to Google.

The first presentation of Android OS occurred in September 2008 year. Since then, the Android OS is updated 40 times (at the time of the October 7, 2015). Each updated version of Android developers fix bugs — unstable application modules — and added new functionality to the system.

The Version Of Android

Each separate Android version has a sequence number, expansion and — since version 1.5 is a codename, borrowed from the world of confectionery sweets.

Frequency of update

Android OS — starting with version 3.1 — updated every 6 months. Last updated Android OS with the symbol "M" was presented at the Google i/o Conference 2015. Currently available 12 version of Android OS for devices in a variety of configurations.


Android OS installed base package contains the application-phone, SMS client, calendar, Calculator, watches and other. Package content varies for each individual version of Android.

In addition to the basic application, the user can optionally install applications from Play Market, extend the functionality of smart devices.

Applications for the Android OS is written in the Java programming language and started using the engine — virtual machine is Dalvik. Developers can write their own applications — games, utilities, service is using the Android SDK.


Android is a mobile and open operating system in the process of constant evolution - the search for perfection - developers regularly correct errors, and expand the possibilities of its use — operating system, which in fact brings together the world thanks to the simple management and democratic conditions of distribution and use.