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Tool for anonymous Internet surfing

Hola Free VPN – the motto of this revolutionary Android instrument sounds, as "no to censorship and blocking», because it enables users to gain access to the restricted resources, at the same time ensuring complete anonymity. Known, to access certain resources on the territory of the United States requires a local IP address. As in this case, be the user of the other spots? To do this simply should take advantage of the huge list of available countries, that would replace the IP address in the Internet Protocol Address of any State. When this, the list of countries is so huge, that many users probably do not even know of the existence of some, for example, Cape Verde, Timor-Leste, Grenada and even more hundreds of large and small States.

Starting the application, you will see a list of the most known services and installed on your mobile device applications (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Skype and other). Selecting any similar object, the user will be able to solve, with IP which country will be logged in the application or service. When this Virtual Private Network (VPN) selected in the automatic mode from among currently available in your State. In the program options are allowed to transform parameters torrents and select Directory, where will load the selected content, begin correspondence with customer support or offer several new project solutions in terms of development and of improving the work of the. Altruists may do the translation of the user interface in a variety of dialects, as currently Hola Free VPN transferred only to popular or mass languages.

During the installation of the selected connections (protected) by using a special algorithm going outbound savings and incoming traffic, as well as download speeds, that is important in terms of the limit on the Internet. The application interface is simple and allows you to literally go understand all the points on a purely visceral level. Difficult in one small article to list all the advantages Hola Free VPN, It is only important that, that service copes with its function, providing the user 100% anonymity for all of his actions on the Internet. Just enter any service and country – program all other actions will fulfil effectively, quickly and safely!

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Package name
Genre Communication Applications
Requirements Android 4.1 +
Devices for phone, for tablet
Language English (+93 localizations)

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