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Description of Looksery

Looksery is a unique graphic editor, the main feature of which is that it can be used to create animated selfies and 3D avatars in real time.

Looksery uses interactive face modification technology for real-time video messages – this means that during a conversation (video chat), the user can apply various effects to dramatically change the face within five minutes, for example, get fat up to ugliness or lose weight like a well-preserved mummy.

Looksery – functions:

  1. With the help of thematic filters, you can give photos the most incredible design or emotional expression – fairy tale characters, cartoon characters, horror movie characters or love messages;
  2. Play friends – with the help of effects you can lose weight, gain weight and change the proportions of the shape of the head or face;
  3. Using the color correction effect, you can correct the unevenness of the skin of the face, change the color of the hair or eyes!

Looksery – features:

  • You can apply effects both to the entire face as a whole, and and to its individual parts – for example – to change only the color of the eyes, the shape of the nose or chin, the line of hair or eyebrows;
  • All image manipulations are done subtly and delicately, to preserve the characteristic and attractive features of your appearance, by which you will be recognized by relatives, relatives and friends.
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Looksery is a free app for Android that belongs to the "Design & Art" category. Compatible with smartphones and tablets using Android 4.3 or above. Needs around 50 MB available storage .

Additional Information

Package Name com.looksery.app
Author Unknown
License Free
Number of downloads 10251
Date of update Sep 17, 2015

English (+40 localizations)

Download Looksery for Android

The newest release of Looksery is version 3.0.1, which can be downloaded as an apk file.

Latest version

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Original version v. 3.0.1 Android 4.3+ 42.88 MB ARMv7, x86

How to Install the App - Quick Guide

  1. Go to Settings > Security/Privacy and enable "Install from unknown sources."

  2. Download the APK file - click the big blue button. Confirm the download.

  3. Open the downloaded file, check the permissions, and then tap Install. Enjoy!

Downloading and Installing the App

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avatar ЛандышЛандыш:
Как печально, не работает. Переустановила и ноль эмоций
avatar SaadSaad:
Apk game
avatar ЛанаЛана:
У меня не работает:(