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Free live streaming their talents

MLive : Hot Live Show — exclusive free platform, with the help of which tens of millions of creative people online demonstrate personal talents. As talent is considered all — singing, dance, to cook, to set sports records and more. Users are the authors of the broadcasts, and the audience — in real time communicate with each other, give each other gifts.

Using the application MLive : Hot Live Show You can:

  • Broadcast, with theme parties, from sporting events or a diary of a traveler.
  • Free to watch and listen to the latest news of other participants on the device.
  • Meet, make friends and find like-minded people.
  • To create a Guild, the user community's interests.
  • Earn. Gifts users can convert to real money.

MLive : Hot Live Show , in the first place, this is your opportunity to be themselves.

Screenshot of MLive : Hot Live Show
Screenshot of MLive : Hot Live Show
Screenshot of MLive : Hot Live Show
Screenshot of MLive : Hot Live Show


Original title MLiveU
Package name
Genre Social
Requirements Android 4.3 +
Devices for phone, for tablet
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