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Earth Defense – A huge cloud of asteroids is moving on our planet! People make the difficult decision to leave the planet, to protect humanity. But the evacuation of virtually no time ...
The International Council is organizing a flight of innovative and sophisticated spacecraft in orbit. The purpose of this vehicle is to postpone the threat to the planet.
Features Earth Defense :
– online training,
– players rating,
– play bonuses,
– skill system,
– level system,
– game shop,
– Multitouch.
Feel like a Savior of the whole world in this game! After all, no one, who has not dreamed would be a hero!

Screenshot of Earth Defense 0
Screenshot of Earth Defense 1
Screenshot of Earth Defense 2


Package name
Genre Arcade games
Requirements Android 2.3 +
Devices for phone, for tablet
Language English (+42 localizations)

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