Plants vs. Zombies 2

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3.6.1 on Android


Plants vs. Zombies 2 is not a hilarious adventure, but zombie infestation in your garden wisdom Zen and hunt for your brain! You need to confront crowds the living dead, who want to grab your garden and the most valuable — your brain. On your side only peaceful plants, ready to defend your garden.


  • Fire gorohostrel;
  • Percepul′t;
  • Laser Bob;
  • Thistle;
  • Combative Peanuts etc.

Zombie enemies:

  • Troglodyte Zombies;
  • Zombie kurovod;
  • Zombie-robber;
  • Zombie magician;
  • Zombie satchel;
  • Zombie Mermaid and many others.

In order to successfully confront the endless Zombie infestation, you need to put the correct strategic objectives:

  1. Grow a garden Zen;
  2. Output the new plant species;
  3. Protect your brain.

Tactical steps:

  1. Plant the plants in the garden and lawn;
  2. Fertilize plants;
  3. Disable new varieties of plants;
  4. Collect germs Zen plant.

With the help of friends-the plants you have to displace, block, cling and vydërgivat′ Zombies, beating them with electric shocks and freeze.

Plants vs. Zombies 2your enemy is the principal is Dr. Zomboss: evil genius-inventor, that at every level of the game is preparing for you new traps and Zombies. The living dead — an infinite number of! Gather all your strength, courage and friends, to save their world from zombies plants.

The game levels:

  1. Pyramid Of Fate;
  2. Lone Hill;
  3. The Adventures Of Arthur;
  4. Ice battle;
  5. Dead man's chest;
  6. Nightmares from the future;
  7. Mystery Island Tiki.

When you prosnëtes′ the next morning — breathe full breast clean air — you need a clear mind and strong nerves, to make a regular feat: see travel magazine!

Control of the gamePlants vs. Zombies 2-touch, in one click.


  • Android 2.3 and above;
  • ARM 7 1.0 Ghz;
  • 1 Гб. RAM;
  • Optional in-game purchase.

Plants vs. Zombies 2: zombies were never such inventive and hero games is so helpless. Zombie invasion began — in a hurry to the rescue!


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Package name
Genre Arcade games
Requirements Android 2.3 +
Devices for phone, for tablet
Language English (+40 localizations)

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