Best Fiends - Puzzle Adventure

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7.8.3 on Android

Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd.

Best Fiends - Puzzle Adventure – Welcome to the wonderful world of Majnuša and his wonderful world of little people. Excellent game, made in the style of an adventure puzzle. Pack puzzles, solve cool puzzles, dobivajsâ skill.

Controlling the game is very simple and intuitive. Create your team and help them defeat the insect malicious slugs. Raise the level of play and challenge their own superpowers. Help the small insects evolve and grow, teach them and pump. In the game you can compete with your friends. Prove it, you're the coolest player in Wonderland and magical creatures. And now a little bit of history Majnuši. This magical place has always been peaceful and full of goodness, all the people in it lived- fared, until one day they are hit by a meteorite, that turned local slugs in a gathering evil and harmful bandits, who destroyed on its way all plants and greenery and spoiled the environment. After, as slugs messed up everything in their path, they began to take hostage of good insect and mock them. Help save the insect and give back their old life! You will find excellent graphics, musical arrangement, funny characters, as well as colorful and interesting levels.

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Package name
Genre Puzzle games
Requirements Android 4.3 +
Devices for phone, for tablet
Language English (+86 localizations)

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