Android Devices

Platform Android belongs to the lion's share of the mobile sector - companies from around the world choose the «Green Robot» for their mobile devices, realizing that only he will be able to provide not fading interest in products and high sales in the market.
  • Icon Atrix 4G
    Motorola Atrix 4G
  • Icon Wildfire S
    HTC Wildfire S
  • Icon S5830 Galaxy Ace
    Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace
  • Icon P705 Optimus L7
    LG Optimus P705 L7
  • Icon I9300 Galaxy SIII
    Samsung Galaxy SIII
  • Icon Sensation XE
    HTC Sensation XE
  • Icon One S
    Htc One S
  • Icon I9250 Galaxy Nexus
    Samsung I9250 Galaxy Nexus
  • Icon I9100 Galaxy S II
    Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II
  • Icon Xperia P
    Sony Xperia P
  • Icon Desire V
    HTC Desire V
  • Icon Nexus 7
    Google Nexus 7